The Spirit of Banksy Painting Johnny Depp by k Madison Moore

Picasso's Rocking Chair in His French Rivera Studio at Night by k Madison Moore

Foxy Lady from The Hipster Animal Gang - Oil Painting by k Madison Moore

A Friendship Lost - van Gogh and Gauguin - Oil Painting by k Madison Moore

Just The Two of Us ....You and I!


Their Love - Mini Master Oil Painting Inspired by Gustav Klimt by k Madison Moore

Cala Lilies from Diego - Frida Kahlo Canvas Prints

Frida Kahlo Inspired Lg Canvas Tote Bag by Artistyle k Madison Moore


Frida's closet is opened after 58 years!

How many Starry Nights did Vincent van Gogh paint?

Did Frida have a secret place?

Why is Effie Gray?

Did van Gogh and the Girl with The pearl Earring have drinks at the cafe?

van Gogh and Gauguin started and art colony in Arles

Did Peter Max have a Silent Auction just for women?

There may be some cool stuff in this newsletter?

Do you think her ship will come in again?

Getting Heeled with Andy Warhol