What was van Gogh thinking!

Inspired by van Gogh and Gauguin Oil Paintings
 by Madison Moore

 Together Forever - Stretch Canvas Print Inspired by van Gogh


There are few pictures of  Vincent's about which so much was written in later years. These companion paintings have attracted much attention because of the symbolic interpretations underlying the subject matter. van Gogh painted both chairs. The one on the left is his personal chair. The one on the right was Gauguin's. The table is from van Gogh's bedroom so assuming they once sat here together looking out at a similar view that van Gogh painted during Gauguin's stay with Vincent at the yellow house in Arles. In this painting they are Always and Forever untied in their memories and friendship.

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A Friendship Lost - Stretched Canvas Print Inspired by van Gogh  & Gauguin


The empty chair paintings of Gauguin's and van Gogh's chairs, which Vincent created represented the persons who would sit in them; as a result, they are both portraits, illuminating the relationship between the two artists who shared the Yellow House in Arles for nine weeks. 

The chairs would have been in the front sitting room, where Gauguin and Van Gogh would congregate in the evenings after working all day at their easels. There, they would talk and quarrel frequently.

Gauguin ended their connection with van Gogh on bad terms after just nine weeks. The paintings were afterwards hung back to back in many museums. Vincent was heartbroken to learn that Gaugin's artwork and belongings were being prepared for the relocation back to Paris.  This  painting represents A Friendship Lost.


Stretched Canvas

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