Cala Lilies from Diego - Frida Kahlo Canvas Prints

Calla Lily is a Greek word that means "beauty, purity, holiness, and fidelity." Diego had these feelings towards Frida. I couldn't wait to start painting this piece. It just came to me and worked out perfectly while I was painting it. Frida liked butterflies, birds, and animals of all types, and she included them in many of her paintings. Even in the face of her struggles and constraints, Frida's love of nature set her spirit free.

All of my archival prints are images from my original oil paintings series.

You will not find them anywhere where but from me if they are original.

I will deliver a high-quality reproduction of the image that arrives free from defects using only the best quality 100 years archival materials. I take pride in the quality of my prints as I do with my paintings. You may pay slightly more but remember, you only get what you pay for! My Prints are Original Art and Quality Materials only.

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