Frida's Bedroom - Frida Kahlo Painting by k Madison Moore

Frida’s Bedroom

Forever Frida Series


16 x 20  Frida Kahlo  Oil Painting on canvas

Frida underwent approximately 35 surgeries in her life due to a severe accident, polio and spina bifida. She eventually regained her ability to walk but suffered great and chronic pain her entire life.

She was often bedridden for months. There is a mirror under the canopy of her bed where she spent months painting in bed from a special earl that her father made for her. She painted mostly self portraits since she spent most of her time alone.

“I paint myself because I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know best.”

~ Frida Kahlo~

This was so interesting to do.  Frida’s room was so cold feeling that I just wanted to give her a new room. This is what I would do for her if she was here now. I added her prosthesis leg and her shoe and 
a pair of crutches. She smoked a lot so the little ash tray with the cigarette is a symbol of her being here.

 It was fun doing the lace spread on the bed and is very similar to hers. A few bright colored fluffy pillows, a happy vase full of flowers and a cozy rug brightens up her oh so dull room. A bright yellow chair I think would help make her darker days brighter.

The hand motif in Mexican jewelry increased after Pablo Picasso's gift of the silver hand-shaped earrings to Frida Kahlo in the 1940's. She painted herself in them many times. Just thought it would be  interesting to have a  symbol of the hand for her. Many Mexican artisans make beautiful hand-shaped earrings inspired by Frida’s hand earring from Picasso. I am on the hunt for a great pair for myself.

Frida's Bed

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