Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Roaring 20's Dance Marathon by k Madison Moore

The Roaring 20’s Dance Marathon

Art Deco Series
14 x 18 Art Deco  Oil Painting on Canvas


Loved, loved loved to dance when I was younger. I went
to every dance I could find in my neighborhood and otherwise.
When I was a teen Jerry Blavat was the big well known DJ
and held dances different nights of the week all over Philadelphia.
He was known as the Geater with the heater!! So funny!

On Sundays the dances were at Wagners Ballroom on Broad Street. It
took and hour and a half on bus one way to get there. I think every
kid in the city went there. The Ballroom held 3000 people and we
danced straight though for five hours and the place roared!
OMG, if I tried that now I would be hospitalized! lol!

In my 20’s I had a professional dance partner and we entered 
every contest around. We were very serious and had great times.
At the same time I belonged to a professional dance team in Philly
and later years I taught a bit for Arthur Murray. My dancing days 
unfortunately ended when I had a serious car accident and multiple
serious injuries. I really miss it.
I just cannot image entering a marathon or even wanting to.
Just image dancing around the clock for weeks and months.
Just crazy!

This is one of those paintings that I didn't want to end so
I kept detailing and more detailing. So much fun. It's
a shame the details cannot be appreciated in a photo.

The Roaring 20’s Dance Marathon

The craze began in 1923, when 32-year old Alma Cummings danced non-stop for 27 hours, wearing out six different partners, breaking the previous record set in Britain and gaining brief national acclaim for her feat. This inspired others (more often women) who wished to share her glory and break her record.

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