Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Painting with van Gogh by k Madison Moore"

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Painting with van Gogh

This week I will not be painting very much, or at all!  Everything in my studio is all over the place
accept the studio. My dear husband is making me all new tables and shelving and my son is painting the room for me. I have absolutely no place to set up and work.

It is amazing what we accumulate along the way and I think artists are even worse. We have to have "everything"! When I had my 3000 sq ft studio I had plenty of room for things so I kept getting more things. Now I am working in a very small but comfy cozy room that overlooks the gardens and the wild animals but there is no way I can get everything I have in there.  I am even liquidating things from this studio. It may be small but it's so nice to work from home.

So it will be a week of work but will be worth it in the end.

This week I will be posting about some of the artists that I have painted with from my different series. I say painted with as I research them over and over again with each painting. I read about their lives, watch videos and study more and more of their work with each work of art that I paint about them.  I vicariously live in their lives and studios. I am getting to know them very well. I feel that I am, "Painting with The Masters"

Here are some of the works I have painted over the last year painting with van Gogh.

Sunflowers Exhibit - van Gogh
Art Museum Collection Series
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Through The Eyes of a Child - van Gogh
Art Museum Collection Series

 In The Gardens of My Mind - van Gogh
Art Museum Collection Series

van Gogh in The Studio
Art within Art Series

van Gogh's Shoes
Art within Art Series

van Gogh Wine Master
Connoisseur Series

A Haven for van Gogh
Art within Art Series

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  1. Hi! Just saw your post while blog hopping. These are really great pieces. I like the palettes that you used for your paintings. Your works simply reflect the influence of Van Gogh. Hope to see more from you. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi John,
    Thanks so much for your lovely comment. I am always happy when one likes me work. Stop by again.
    Best wishes,


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