Monday, February 28, 2011

Dali Time, Inspired by Salvador Dali, by k Madison Moore

Dali Time

Art within Art Series
11 x 14 Oil Painting on canvas


Well I am finally back to painting after a very long and serious illness. For 5 weeks I had a really bad flu with high fever, that turned into bronchitis that turned into phenomena. My husband had it too. It was the sickest I have been in over 20 years and was scary at times.

All I could think about when I was sick was time. All the time I was loosing painting, designing, online, researching, marketing and so on. Time to get more medicine, time to get more tea, time to turn the heat up to 1000 degrees, time, time , time!! It snowed here in the Pocono Mountains the whole time too!

At least my brain was still working while nothing else was. So with all this said about time, of course I thought of Dali and his crazy clocks. While laying there trying to sleep with no success I decided  to design a Dali in my head. I was too sick to even quickly sketch it so having to keep all the details in my head, I finally fell asleep as I forgot for a few minutes how lousy I felt. I dreamed about Dail and time and in the am, "Time for Dali" was ready to go as soon as I was!!

The book titles here are Dali, Clocks and Time.
I love to sit in front of my fireplace with a stack of art history and artist biography books and sip and nice wine while I read and live vicariously through the artists.
No, I do not do "everything" online. It is still nice to read a book.

This is how I create a lot of my paintings. Can you image a whole wall like this that is a giant clock? Mr clock in the corner has a personality of his own and almost looks like he has an attitude!  Hummmm.... wonder who that guy is sitting on the sofa? Can be anyone we want it to be! Enjoy!

Thanks to all my friends, fans an collectors that sent such good wishes, cards and comments.
It's nice to know your loved and appreciated.
I'm moving slow...but I'm moving! Stay tuned, more to come.


  1. Madison, Well it is about TIME we got to see you back with us and with a fabulous new painting. Sounds typical Madison to be designing paintings you will hold on to for later use:) So happy to see you back- take it easy and keep getting stronger!! The art world needs you!

  2. How cute...I LOVE this comment Kathy.
    You are so nice.
    Thanks so much,


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