Monday, December 20, 2010

"Romancing Monet", Art within Art Painting by k Madison Moore

Romancing Monet
©kMadisonMoore 2011

Art within Art Series
22 x 28 inches  Oil  Painting of Interior on Canvas

Sold  - Commission

I was commissioned by one of my Collectors Gallerie Le Creator
to paint this "very large" detailed Art within Art painting
for their upcoming show in January at the Hong Kong Cultural Center.
They will be showing several of my paintings for this series at the show.
The gallery owner loves this series so much that every painting that she
has purchased from me will be shown but she is keeping all of them 
for her private collection.

This painting took forever to do! I was sick for over a month and was
concentrating on it on my good days. It has several layers of paint and glazes
that have to  dry between layers to achieve a multiple colors effect and depth.
This really cannot be seen in a photo but the colors a just beautiful.
She wanted to concentrate on Monet as she said this is the most popular
artist in Hong Kong. She wanted it to project romance and a dreamy
feeling so since we concentrated mostly on Monet's Water Lilies I
thought using the lilies and water as the flooring would do the trick!

Her goal is to introduce my Art within Art Series to Hong Kong Collectors for
commission work. I am very excited to be represented by this wonderful gallery.
Speaking of commissions....if you have an idea for a commission painting
for one of your favorite Masters Contact Me with your ideas for a no
obligation quote.
( I assure that the frames are straight. I have an arching issue
with my camera that I have to resolve...any suggestions?)

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