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Van Gogh in The Studio - Art Museum Collection Series by k Madison Moore

Van Gogh in Studio

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Art Museum Collection Series

In The Studio
Miniature Paintings within Paintings

The gallery wrapped linen canvas is 14 x 17 oil on canvas
The smallest Miniature Painting within this Paintings is 2" x 2.5"
and the largest is 4.5" x 7"

The is the first of many to come of my "In The Studio" Paintings.
I will be doing many artists creating in their studios including
My impression of their work in miniature paintings within the painting.

I really went the whole route with this one trying to do as much detail as I could.
I had a great time painting it and imagining being there with Vincent.
I love him, his style and studying him and how he worked.
I've included here the beautiful video and song Starry Starry Night. I hope you enjoy seeing all his magnificent paintings.

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Certified Original Art © 2008 MkM K. Madison Moore

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Titles to Van Gogh's Paintings within this Painting


The Café Terrace on the Place du Forum, Arles, at Night, c.1888

Vincent Van Gogh’s “Café Terrace” is the first of three paintings in which he depicts a star-filled sky. Van Gogh (1853 – 1890), a post-Impressionist Master, exquisitely captures the subtleties of natural night time light with blues, violets, greens and an absence of black. Tormented by severe depression for most of his life, and dying a young death, Van Gogh was driven by his devotion to his art, and his quest to find a niche in the world. More than 100 years later, to commemorate his painting, the Café Terrace, renamed Café Van Gogh, is now painted in the exact tones as it appears in his masterpiece.

Van Gogh's Chair, c.1888

Old Man in Sorrow, 1890

Self-Portrait in front of the Easel, c.1888

The painting continues onto all sides ( click)

Vincent Van Gogh (1853 – 1890) was a Dutch post-Impressionist Master whose innovative artwork powerfully influenced modern Expressionism, Fauvism, and early abstraction. Astoundingly prolific, Van Gogh produced all of his work during a 10-year period, at one point, creating 150 paintings and drawings within one year. Painting outdoors, Van Gogh uniquely captured the nighttime nuances of light and shadow, and was also renowned for his paintings of sunflowers and irises. Tormented by mental illness for most of his life, Van Gogh created many of his masterpieces while he was institutionalized. Although Van Gogh only sold one painting during his lifetime, he is now regarded as one of the most profoundly influential artists of the 19th century.

Commission Projects Welcome

If you are interested in a personal Commission it can be one of my paintings that you saw and liked but didn't have a chance to purchase it because it was sold before you had a chance. You may have a similar painting or something you would like to have painted in my style or we can work together to design a painting just for you. Please email me with your interests. There is never any obligation.


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  1. The colors r what caught my eye. Very nice. RK


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