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Friday, June 28, 2013

van Gogh Inspired Interior Painting by k Madison Moore A Peaceful Haven for van Gogh

A Peaceful Haven for van Gogh

Inspired by Vincent van Gogh


Art within Art Series

12 x 12 inches Interior Oil on Canvas

On it's way to a Hong Kong Gallery

Do you have your own private Haven? A place where you go to relax and unwind. A place that is full of all your favorite things surrounding you. A place where you go by yourself to reflect?
van Gogh was such a troubled soul. I wondered if her ever found his own private Haven?
When I look at his work an try to put myself in his mind set.... Impossible! He struggled with anxiety and metal illness all of his life. Who knows what was in his troubled mind when he painted his sunflowers out in the fields all alone.

I wanted to create what I thought would be a Haven for van Gogh if he was alive today. Here the flooring is a clip from one of his Sunflower paintings as well as the wall. On the ottoman are some of his favorite things. His straw hat and a his bible. I was surprised to find that Vincent always wanted to be a preacher and did in fact preach on occasion but he was just too unstable to follow through.

Of course the shoes are his as well that he included in a few of his works. I can't imagine walking in van Goghs shoes! In this Haven is warmed by a nice fire, sipping wine and smoking his pipe. His soul being smoothed by beautiful music from the phonograph.

A Peaceful Haven for van Gogh.

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