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Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Sunset Stroll with Rousseau, Interior Paintings by k Madison Moore

A Sunset Stroll with Rousseau
Inspired by Henri Rousseau


11 x 14 Interior Oil Paintings on Canvas

Painting with The Masters
Art within Art Series


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I love to work with Henri Rousseau because he always
used so much detail in his paintings. I recently found a lovely 
painting if his of a sunset very similar to this one and fell in
love with it.

 I really like the depth of the trees leading back 
to the broken sunset beyond them. I just saw lovers taking
a stroll on the path lit up from the pinks and yellows of the 
sunset. Maybe they took a break from sipping wine and 
and playing some music, reading and smelling the roses
to take "A Sunset Stroll with Rousseau"


Small details make this painting very special. The book has a rose
to mark the last page read and another is placed in front of 
the wine glasses. Were these a gift from her lover?

Rousseau, Henri, known as Le Douanier Rousseau (1844-1910). French painter, the most celebrated of naïve artists.
His character was extraordinarily ingenuous and he suffered much ridicule (although he sometimes interpreted sarcastic remarks literally and took them as praise) as well as enduring great poverty. However, his faith in his own abilities never wavered. He tried to paint in the academic manner of such traditionalist artists as Bouguereau and Gérôme, but it was the innocence and charm of his work that won him the admiration of the avant-garde: in 1908 Picasso gave a banquet, half serious half burlesque, in his honor. 
Rousseau's work is characterized by heavy dependence on line, stiff (and unrealistic) portraiture, wild juxtapositions and flattened perspective from which the Cubists and Surrealists drew heavily. His imagination plays a major role in his work; Rousseau never personally set foot in a jungle. He did, though, spend considerable time viewing the plants and animals at Paris' Jardin des Plantes. It seems wrong to label his work as "primitive" without acknowledging the sense of wonder behind it.
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